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The SAVAGE LASER™ is a real Class IV laser capable of traveling over 12 miles in addition to being powerful enough to burn just about anything you focus its attention on. This thing is a MONSTER, we didn’t name it the SAVAGE LASER™ for nothing! If you’re looking for the best of the best then your search is over. 


The SAVAGE LASER™ ignites matches instantly, burns cigarettes and papers in seconds, set plastics and wood on fire, and mark low melting point metals.


The SAVAGE LASER™ brightness and focus are adjustable. Laser beam divergence is less than 2.5 mRad for parallel light beam, laser beam goes more than 20km (12 miles). Its lens is interchangeable, comes with 5 laser lenses, which give beautiful laser light effects.



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Here’s what you will get in this kit.

High Power Laser


Carrying Case

1x Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Rechargable Batteries

2x 16340 Rechargable Li-Ion Batteries


1x Li-Ion Smart Charger

Additional Caps

5x Custom Laser Caps

Safety Glasses

1x Pair of Safety Glasses




This is a great laser for the price. Because it is a blue laser, it serves as a wonderful “finger in the sky“ for pointing out constellations, and/or other astronomical targets. A word of caution: at a close distance, this laser is powerful enough to burn and damage drywall, linoleum, and other flammable household items. It would quickly start a fire in the right context. DO NOT point this laser at a human target; it would be a painful mistake.


Pretty solid product. Very powerful laser pointer capable of singing many materials such as wood, papers, cardboard and even skin!
It resembles and gives the feel of a light saber :]The tips are fun to play with too!


I’ve had others like this but this one is the bast of all, brightest and longest visible.


This thing is no joke. Im actually going to use it to keep in my house in case of home invasion because it will stop someone in their tracks if used a certain way. I showed two people that it burns matches instantly and they ended up buying one each on the spot. I use it to kill spiders from a distance in my yard among other fun times. 5 stars no doubt. I DO NOT recommend using this without protective glasses even if you are not looking directly at the dot.